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This Is The eMotiv Story

eMotiv Marketing and Consulting provides clients with a wide spectrum of electronic communications services. In today’s internet, there are endless possibilities, and that’s where we exceed. Our goal is to find the complete internet solution for your campaign.

Some of the typical stuff:

  • Professional web design,
  • Email broadcasting,
  • Fundraising – donor relationship management software,
  • Event management software,
  • Mobile app development,
  • Social media strategy,
  • Blog development and maintenance, Ghost Blogging,
  • Search Engine Optimization

Timely Support

Our response time is off the charts! Campaigns change quickly, and your team needs to act fast. We’ve had full custom websites built within 24 hours, and we’ve broadcast material within seconds.

Innovative Ideas

We’re proud of our ingenuity. In 2005 eMotiv founder Eric Linder wrote one of the first web 2.0 scripts (now known as social media) for use in the political arena. That innovation is still our mission to this day.

Advanced Technology

We always offer the latest in internet technology. Our back-end content manager is so easy to use, even a politician can do it. We can even use Dropox to manage your content.

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